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Who sells used cars?

New Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers and Private Owners will have used cars or "re-sale" cars. Personally, I would suggest that the best buy for you would be to purchase a car that has been very well maintained (preferably at a dealership) and has never gone through an accident or other major problems. Most likely you'll be able to find such a car sold privately by the original owner or at a new car dealership where it was traded in. The price for a used vehicle is usually higher at a new car dealership. However, paying a higher price may provide you with all the service records for the car. Most likely, the previous owner may have taken the car specifically to the dealership because he/she felt it was maintained very well, instead of taking it somewhere else to be traded in. You're more likely to find a well maintained car through a dealership because previous owners have taken care of their car very well because they value it, and the dealership is more than likely to be particularly about the condition the car is in to ensure it has a high quality.

Now let's discuss other places to buy a used car. Independent used car dealers will offer used cars at a less expensive cost but more often than not, you'll find a cheaper car but it will have been less maintained. A word of advice: try to avoid dealing with curbsiders. Here's what happened to someone who contacted me and then went on his own to buy from a curbsider: A person contacted me and in an effort to save on taxes, arranged the deal as a private sale. Later the buyer checked the history and found the car was written off in a different State in the USA due to an accident and the mileage was noted to be a lot higher than the curbsider stated to him. After repeated attempts this person cannot even locate this "dealer".
On to the private owner… Quite often you can find a good car for a reasonable price from a private individual, and usually they will be more flexible in terms of price but keep in mind that they do not offer any warranties.

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