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Transportation Flows Maxed Out in Some Regions

Have you noticed the increased traffic in our major cities and major transportation arteries? Have you been seeing more of the middle finger than ever before as the stress of the traffic takes its toll on the over stressed driver who is killing productive time or time that they could be at home with their family in another more quality human endeavor?.Well then you have also perhaps considered the amount of lost productivity in the United States of America due to traffic flows, poor traffic management and increased number of vehicles on our highways, toll ways, freeways and surface streets. Have you ever considered how much this costs small businesses, which are already under the gun with high fuel prices? Or how hard it must be for companies to move their products to market? Indeed it is a real problem and one, which is not going away anytime soon.

The lost revenue to our over all economy from these barriers to the flow of our transportation affect everything we do, everywhere we go.As transportation flows get maxed out whether it is by rail or truck, we cannot move anymore products, materials or even services any faster and this can provide shortages. Indeed even worse off we cannot upgrade our infrastructure without further temporarily impeding a flow, which is already operating at redline. This seems like a catch 22 indeed and well it really is? Consider this in 2006.

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