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How To Get The Best Gas Mileage While Driving Your Car

Would you like to know how to improve gas mileage while driving your car. Fuel prices go up or vary from day to day an globally some countries pay more than we do four our petrol. You could buy a hybrid but they cost much more compared to comparable vehicles. If you keep up on the maintenance and repairs of your current vehicle you should be able to maintain peak performance of he engine and in some cases if an engine diagnostic is performed and a problem is discovered you could find that you increase miles per gallon or kilometers per liter.

If you live in certain countries liters per 100 kilometers is a standard and to improve this figure we would like to decrease liters per 100 kilometers. Regular scheduled maintenance and tuned ups should help you get the best mpg. Many newer vehicles only require tune ups around 100,000 miles or 150,000 kilometers. Can you remember the last time a tune up was done on your car? If you bought your car off a used car lot you may have no service records to go by. When you buy a used car for sale ask for all service records.

It there are none than ask if they will do a complete tune up or maintenance check before the sale. If you notice a rough idle or a decrease in gas mileage or performance then consider scheduling a tune up or engine diagnostics check. You best gas mileage will be maintained on your car or truck when your engine is regularly serviced and maintained and this often requires an up to date tune up and regularly scheduled maintenance service.

An engine diagnostic check may discover a faulty oxygen sensor and this can decrease you gas mileage up to 40%. This is the one big item to check if you notice significant decreased gas millage and often involves an engine check light. A check engine light though may not always alert you to this or other engine problems that may have an impact on gas mileage.

Regular maintenance and regular oil changes based on your vehicles owners manual can help you maintain good gas mileage. When you replace a dirty oil and oil filter you can see an increase in gas mileage up to 2%. That beats driving around town looking to save 5 cents a gallon! Did you know if you replace a dirty air filter you can be increasing gas mileage up to 10%. If you remove extra weight out of you car this will also help improve fuel economy. If you are sick and tired of filling your gas tank and wasting gas consider downsizing to a more fuel efficient used car. So if a hybrid car is out of the question and your cars maintenance is done regularly what else can you do for the best gas mileage.

Your probably already using mileage charts and an expensive exotic electric hybrid is not practice. There are fuel additives and those work by keeping you engine and fuel lines clean so there is no buildup. They can also help keep fuel injectors clean further increasing gas mileage. Most fuel saving devices do not work but some do and it it may be had to chose a good fuel saving device from a scam product. One of the latest devices that is gaining in popularity and getting mention even in the news is HHO gas.

HHO gas can be generated from a HHO gas car kit or plans and blended with you current gas or diesel gasoline which may give you the best gas mileage ever. HHO gas generator is introduced into the intake manifold and most HHO plans or kits are easy to follow for simple construction or installation. Some refer to such a systems as hydrogen on demand. A simple HHO fuel cell is can easily fit under the hood of a car and in larger engines more than one cell can further improve gas mileage. This technology is experimental but because it can be constructed or installed at home most basic starter kits can be made for under 100 dollars if you shop around and price parts.

HHO gas kits are helping people who implement this technology get the best gas mileage of 15-40% on average and in some cases much higher. The other benefits besides improving gas mileage is an increase in power and usually improved emissions.

To improve gas mileage visit HHO Fuel or consider more fuel efficient Used Cars

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