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Negotiating the deal

Often when you use a proper negotiation technique you can get a reasonable discount. Here are a few proven tips:
1. Start negotiating from the beginning. Try to get a discount from the very first time you phone about a car. If they ask for $15,000, ask them if it's worth to come if the $14,500 is your bottom line, considering that you are the real buyer. Usually they won't say "No", which means that when you come, you can start negotiating down from $14,500, not from $15,000
2. Negotiate the total price. Dealers always like to add something to the top of the sticker price. Ask for a total price "on the road" and use it for a negotiation.

3. Make a lower offer. Don't be afraid to make a lower offer. If they are asking $15,000, offer $13,000. If the salesperson believes you will really buy a car, he/she will go down in price, and maybe you will then get the car for $13,800 or thereabouts.
4. Be ready to leave if you feel any pressure or if you have any hesitations about the car - there are so many other cars available. You don't have to decide immediately. Do not give a deposit or sign anything until you are absolutely satisfied with the car and conditions.
5. Nothing works better than competition. Let's say you have two cars on your list that you're interested in. Show it to the salesperson and say you will buy a car from whomever gives you the better price. For example, if one of the salespersons offers you a $500 discount, phone to another dealer on your list and ask them if they can match it.
6. Whatever is promised by a dealer, ask to confirm in writing. Negotiate all the details of the deal. If the dealer promises to install new tires, make sure you agree on what kind of tires - cheapest available or of well known brand like Michelin or Goodyear. If there is some kind of warranty that comes with the car, make sure you understand all terms and condition. If the dealer promises to show you all service records, make sure you check them before you pay for a car.

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